My Details
Bra SizeC
Hair ColorBlack
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
+971 555647424


Mansi is as extravagant as her namesake from numerous points of view. The delicate feel of that texture underneath your fingers is more than likely like the delicate dash of our Velvet’s skin. She has an exceptionally great look about her that is truly starting to stand out enough to be noticed. She has a young, pristine and to some degree honest appearance facially that is unfathomably appealing. She unquestionably has what you might call a “fit physique,” and is constantly quick to demonstrate it off when she’s on the shoreline, or as quite a bit of it as she can while she’s shopping in Dubai. She’s an aficionado of exceptionally short skirts, short, wavy summer dresses and architect undergarments. When you book Velvet, you book extravagance, you book high class. You get what you pay for refined men. Book now!